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Product Licensing Program

If you’re like most inventors, you want results-oriented invention help and licensing representation. You want to spend your time inventing, and leave the invention marketing and product licensing to the professionals. No doubt, you also want invention help that allows you to keep inventing, or just going about your life, while someone else finds and negotiates a royalty-based product licensing or distribution deal with a manufacturer or DRTV company.

If your new product idea has mass consumer need and appeal, financial viability and meets our other "success criteria", then we can provide the invention help you need—at either no cost, or minimal cost to you! Register your invention today!

Invention Help You Can Trust

We know that securing meaningful and honest invention help can be a challenge. What you don’t need is to pay many thousands of dollars to a company that accepts every invention they receive regardless of the invention's merit or commercial potential. Most of these companies profit handsomely from a string of never-ending 'service fees' received from inventors who see little or nothing in return. It's little wonder these companies aren't very concerned about whether or not your invention ever generates a dime in royalties!

What you do need is a partner who will believe in your new product idea as much as you do, and who will invest the same passion and hard work that you have in its commercial success. We only accept a small number of hand-picked new consumer product innovations each year into our intensive Low/No-Cost Invention Marketing & Product Licensing Program. Our product licensing success means royalty income for you, and for us... and that's why we team up wisely with the inventors we represent.

If you believe your new product idea has the "right stuff" for success, just click on the“Get Started” button below to register your invention with us today. It's easy, it’s free, and there’s absolutely no obligation whatsoever. You have nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain!

"Five Keys To Product Licensing Success"

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